Top 10 Summer Activities in Park City Utah

Top 10 Summer Activities in Park City Utah
November 11, 2014 Michael Hopkins

Top 10 Summer Activities Park City, UT

Top 10 Park City

Some of our favorite summer activities and why we love them.

top 10 summer activities park city utah hiking uintas mountains

Destination No. 09

Hike the Uintas (Pronounced: You-In-Tahs).

You came to the mountains for a reason, so why not see the best that the Park City area (and Rocky Mountains) has to offer.   Take a quick 30 minute drive from downtown Park City and you will quickly begin to feel like you are in another world.

As you enter the Uinta National Forest, the rolling green mountains of Park City turn to a massive forest landscape filled with evergreen tres, crystal blue lakes, rivers brimming with trout, and the adventure of a lifetime.

You must rent a vehicle for this trip () for environmental and animal awareness information.  This is wild Utah and you better believe there are bears, mountain lions, rock slides, and more to be aware of (such as a lack of mobile internet).

The best hikes in the Uintas!

alpine slide park city utah top 10 summer activities

Destination No. 07

The Alpine Slide at Park City Mountain Resort.

What is an Alpine slide you ask? It’s a luge-like slide that runs down the face of a mountain.  Naturally, this is something that a mountainous state like Utah would have on their mountains, but where?   In Park City, you will find one of the longest alpine slides in the world, with more the 3000 feet of winding and gliding tracks.

You will find this family-friendly activity at Park City Mountain Resort, right near all the action in downtown Park City.  The slide is open from May 22nd until October 18th.  The price varies based on rider height and your chosen ticket/pass-type.

Learn more about the slide here:

top 10 summer activities hot air balloon rides park city utah

Destination No. 05

Hot Air Balloon Rides.

Have you ever been outside a plane at 12,000 feet? It sounds crazy, but it’s an incredible feeling.  At 2 miles above sea level, Park City Balloon Adventures will take you to views that you’ve only seen in photographs.

Flights last about an hour and cost about $200 per person.   The balloon baskets are of various sizes and can accommodate up to 12 people!

Learn more and book your balloon ride today at:


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Watersports Jordanelle Strawberry Reservoir Park City Utah Top 10 Summer Activities All Resort

Destination No. 03

Watersports on Jordanelle or Strawberry Resevoir (+ a beach reservoir 1 hour away!)

Summer + Water = Best Vacation Ever, right? Right!   No vacation would be complete without at least a little time on the beach, swimming in the water, or boating on a lake.   Luckily, Utah (and Park City) has all of this.

Jordanelle Reservoir is located just 5 minutes outside of Park City and features wonderful camping, fishing, wake boarding, water skiing, canoeing, jet skiing and boating.  There is a full service marina, bathrooms, and hiking trails all next to the parking lots.

Check out this list of Jordanelle water sports rentals here:

Top 10 summer activities park city utah warbird all resort transportation

Destination No. 01

Take an Adventure Flight through the mountains

I can do what in Park City??  Yes, Yes, Yes you can fly!  You can take a flight up above the mountains of the Wasatch and Park City and see its beauty for all it is worth.   We recommend doing this at the beginning or end of your trip, as it will surely be something you’re going to be talking about for days, months, and years to come.

Two of the companies we recommend to take you up include OK3 Air and Utah Warbird Adventures.  Both are located at the private airstrip in Heber City, Utah, just 30 minutes from Park City (deep into the mountains).

OK3 will take you on flights up to 100 miles away in just about any direct to see the sights such as the red rock formations of the south or flaming gorge to the north.  Combine this trip with a fishing or jeep excursion and you have got yourself one hell of a story.

Utah Warbirds is an old-school-cool experience that takes you into the sky; flying in the aces of WWII, the Twin Beech elite, biplanes, and more.   You’ll even get the chance to take control in the one of a kind, experience of a lifetime.

Read about Utah Warbird Adventure here:

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